Who are we

Software developing is no child’s play that’s why GIXMORE consists a well-trained cadre. Each teammate plays a significant role in the process and the system. All the team members have gained years of experience to engineer the desired outcome of the client. Satisfaction of the client is considered as a greater achievement at GIXMORE.

In order to face the challenges of the future,GIXMORE makes sure that their knowledge is up to date and equipped with latest techniques to produce a state of art software solution. The expertise of the GIXMORE team helps us to pace thousands of steps ahead creating infinite number of possibilities.

Web Development

GIXMORE can also be introduced as a web developing company where we design unique and attractive websites by using modern tools and technologies.

  • Unique and Attractive web design.
  • Web and mobile Responsive .
  • E-commerce websites (Dynamic sites).
  • Static websites .

Our web development team is capable of designing simple and professional user interfaces according to the customer requirements. GIXMORE web developers are dealing with both the static (Blogs, Forms, Newsletter contents, Disaster page etc..) and dynamic (E-commerce websites, Calendar or task utilizing website etc..) websites to satisfy its clients.

Mobile Development

We have extended our services up to mobile application development where it supports both IOS and Android Platforms.

  • Simple and professional mobile UI.
  • IOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Mobile responsive applications.
  • Attractive logos and web layouts.

We design unique and professional user interfaces for your mobile application while increasing its user friendliness. Our mobile application development team utilizes modern tools and technologies to develop the mobile applications according to the requirements of the customer.

System Integration

Software application is not isolated anymore, it should be connected with one or more applications when it comes to extension of its functionalities .

  • Producing easily extendible APIs.
  • Utilize sophisticated tools and technologies .
  • The software application can be integrated with one or more systems.

GIXMORE technologies always support easily extendable Rest APIs. We will be using modern tools such as design patterns to engineer the components of the software, consequently we can extend the application further according to the customer's requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

GIXMORE technologies utilizes Artificial intelligence components to solve your problems. Our GIXMORE AI team is well trained to select the most suitable and convinent algorithms for your software solution.

  • Machine learning Algorithms.
  • Deep learning Neural network components .
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Modern Machine learning and Neural networks approaches will be utilized to solve real world problems such as text recognition, face recognition,recommendation engine, Image to image translation, data forecasting problems etc. GIXMORE AI team always get dynamically updated with the new technologies in AI field.


What we offer

Web Development

GIXMORE offers simple and professional websites with responsive user interfaces according to the requirements of the customer.

Mobile Development

GIXMORE has its own mobile application development team to develop more reliable mobile applications to satisfy the user.


GIXMORE always provides proper documentation about APIs and the design of the software application for its customers.


GIXMORE consists with a well-trained carder, each member plays a significant role to increase the efficiency of the process.


GIXMORE technologies provides its facilities to the customers across the globe, providing a flexible and a trustworthy service.


Hardworking GIXMORE teammates are devoted towards completing the given tasks within the set deadlines to satisfy their customers.